Why Buy ATK?

ATK VEGE has production facilities both in the United States and Mexico, allowing for expedited order fulfillment. Unlike much of the competition, we are able to attach industry leading warranty to our product because we are in control of the engineering, design, and assembly of what we sell.

When you purchase an engine from ATK or VEGE you can rest assured that you are buying something that is better than new quality. Why does ATK VEGE have better than new quality? Every engine that we remanufacture is reverse engineered to ensure that any original factory defects are removed, saving you time and money and keeping your car or light truck on the road and out of the shop. Some key bullet points that make an ATK VEGE product unique:

  • ATK VEGE tests almost every engine that leaves our factory.
  • ATK VEGE issues a Birth Certificate with each engine that has been tested containing the Serial number, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Compression, and Testing Time.
  • ATK VEGE averages 1.7 day delivery time plus FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the United States.

Why Buy From ATK/VEGE?

If you are looking for industry leading Quality, Unmatched Warranty, or a Customer Service Award Winner then ATK is the perfect fit for you.